Eye for Value


I customize the training in conform your requests, starting with an intake with your project team w.r.t. learning goals and/or project goals. The possibilities are 

  • 1 day training: Get acquainted with the value engineering toolbox by demonstrated examples. Get aware of the potential for your organization.
  • 2 day training: Deeper acquaintance with the techniques and limited application to your case. 
  • 3 day training/workshop: Your project is the center. The training is brought as a workshop that directly supports your project. With that the training hardly takes extra project time, because it is work the project should have done anyhow. Only: it gets more efficient. And it gets to more result. 
  • Coaching: for people who want to get to in depth knowledge how to run value engineering in a project. Typically the project lead, system architect (the technicaly conscience), or lead designer. And of course people who want to be professional Value Engineer in order to further implement Value Engineering and Cost Management in their organization/

Groepen Groups of 7 to 15 people are ideal, preferably multi disciplinar. This will create an understanding for each others' role within the project and boosts good cooperation.

Ideal is it when not only the designers/engineers receive the training, but also marketing or sales representatives, purchasers and  people from manufacturing and service. And of course your project lead.