Eye for Value

Design-in Workshop

Guiding a Design-in Workshops with your development teams and your suppliers all present. 

If you intend to develop a new and improved product: this workshop means enormous improvements in result and throughput time of your project. That is... when guided well with i4Value as your independent facilitator. 

A Design-on Workshop is done together with your development team and teams of different suppliers at the same time. With that an 'extended design team' is created, where the interfaces between different parties become 'natural', provided it is pushed gently in the right direction. Preparations for this kind of approach takes some more effort, but results are usually amazing!

I distinguish 3 different types of setup:

  1. Suppliers adding/filling in on each others expertise. For example suppliers of motors, motion controllers, power supplies & mechanics.
  2. With multiple tier suppliers. For Example: Assembly, Component suppliers, Engineering company.
  3. Suppliers in competition with each other, as means of supplier selection.

A testimonial of Bill, whom I coached over the phone to do it himself: