Eye for Value

Customers, among other:

Introduction of Value Engineering in Development & Engineering, set up Value Engineering as a  new competence within ASML, in the way-of-working, raising and coaching a team of Value Engineers, training of architects, lead-engineers, project leads, purchasers...

... and many project contributions, often in cooperation with suppliers.

Since September 2016 my training is available for single subscribers and as in-company training. It is a fantastic addition to the training of especially system architects in order to pursue most cost effective designs and delivering faster time to market. For the program and dates of the training, follow the link to:

        the High Tech Institute 

Value Engineering training of several product teams in the form of  workshops (training on the job)
And initiating the setup of  Value Engineering & Cost Engineering (should costing).
Substantial results as from the start!

Workshops en trainings
     "Wonderful course. I picked up a lot" 
                "Very good mix between theory and practise!" 

Value Chain Analysis for the Lighting Business
and of course many years as manager value engineering responsible for many project contributions and cost reductions.