Eye for Value

Secure your profitability

Value Engineering & Cost Management!

You want to make products that perfectly meet your customer needs. 

Also that they're affordable and profitable for your company.

The goal of Value Engineering is to improve the ratio between Value and Cost. We do that by looking at the functional value of the product for the user. And which elements drive the cost. Next we think of better solutions meet the functional requirements.

This structured approach deliver a higher gain of your activities. 30% cost improvement is not unrealistic. 

And: often the throughput time of your project gets shorter, as well as the throughput time of your deliveries.

My customers are especially market leaders in the high tech industry and wish to stay at that positions. That means, that their profitability must be assured, at mid and longer terms, and secure the ability to make future investments. 

What i4Value can offer you:

* Project contributions directly aimed for results

* Project team guidance and support

* Value Engineering training / workshops, e.g. at the start of your project, with the aim to learn and directly get results for your project.

* Structured setup of Value Engineering and Cost Management in your company, for example at your Development organization, resp. Purchasing department. 

Don't hesitate to contact me about the possibilities

i4Value BV is active since January 2012